AMD has announced two new events where it will introduce its next-generation products. The news was shared through various Twitter handles owned by the company. There will be two events covering the upcoming consumer products from the company.

The first event will take place on 8th October and will introduce AMD’s new Ryzen series of processors. It is termed as ‘Next Generation Ryzen Desktop Processors’ and will detail AMD’s upcoming Zen 3 CPU lineup codenamed Vermeer. We can expect Zen 3 architecture details to be shared as well.

AMD Announces Event Zen 3 CPUs and RX6000 GPUs

AMD will host the second event, termed as ‘Next Generation Radeon Graphics’, on 28th October. It is obvious from the name that AMD will announce its next generation of Graphics Cards – the Radeon RX 6000 Series. They are based on AMD’s RDNA2 architecture, which is also featured in the upcoming consoles from Microsoft and Sony. It is being termed as ‘A Breakthrough Gaming Architecture’ by the company. Considering that the event is slated for almost the end of October, the graphics cards won’t come before mid or late November.

Nvidia has already announced its next-gen GeForce RTX 3000 graphics cards featuring Ampere architecture. RTX 3080 and 3090 will be available in September, while RTX 3070 will be released in October.